Bubbles & Cheers

Is the bubbly haze of good holiday cheer still hanging on for you, or have a few of your New Years bubbles already been popped?  I certainly hope it’s the former!

Over at Cas-ology the scene is sure bubbly, and since the last few days have found me feeling less-than-so, I figured a clean & simple card with just enough pink sparkle might help cheer the mood and chase away some serious Seattle gloom!

2014-01-12 13.21.36

I should mention, design-wise, I was inspired by Donna’s (of Three Umbrellas) card over at CASE Study this week.  So I am playing along with them as well.


I really liked Donna’s use of pastels, and attempted this with my Fresh Squeezed Stamps sequin stamp, but it just wasn’t working for me.  I was trying to keep this card very CAS (which I am still learning how to do, as I love clean and simple, but very much want that element of surprise; not an easy feat to pull off).

My decision to use Tuxedo Black ink for the sequin was due in  part to the stamp itself (very tricky to use pigment ink or Hero Arts Shadow Inks with this little guy).  The Tuxedo Black gave perfect detail and did not bleed, plus I was aiming for a clean black and white design with pops of color, so it felt right for this card.

So after experimenting with a few designs and different stamps, I settled on the card before you.  I do, however, have some other variations on this theme in the works, and hope to reveal them soon!

2014-01-12 13.22.37 (1)

I chose a tall & skinny card (3.5 x 6″) for this design, as it worked well the cascading effect of the sequins and the shape of the champagne glass. The front panel is cut using the Simon Says Stamp A2 Curved die.

2014-01-12 13.22.57

The sentiment and champagne glass are from Kelly Purkey’s set “Cheers“.  Initially, the card was going to read “Celebrate Love” using some PTI stamps, since I was going for a more Valentines-themed card with the pink-hued sequins; however, the Cheers sentiment not only fit perfectly width-wise, but the design really clicked for me.  And so a card was born!

2014-01-12 13.23.48

Alright, then.  I will raise my glass to you, dear reader, and hope your day is full of good cheer and inspiration.  If you are needing a good dose, then head over to CAS-ology and CASE Study.  Maybe grab a glass of rose, or a mimosa beforehand; it is Sunday after all and what better day to kick back with some bubbles before, during or after brunch?


18 thoughts on “Bubbles & Cheers

  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!! UBER cool and so modernly stylish!!! LOVE the sequins for bubbles!!
    So glad you could join in! I checked in on you the other day, just to see what you have been up to!

    Thanks so much for adding this AWESOME card to the CASology Gallery, so fun! Thanks for joining us and I hope you can join in again !!!

    1. Hey Kim, thanks!! Please come back and see the new & improved post– I needed to upload the previous post quickly to CASology before the clock ran out– so I have actually just finished the writing and updating of the photos. Thanks for checking in, as well! My juices have been flowing, but I seem to have hit a wall motivation-wise after such a great marathon…Seattle mid-winter slump??? Hope all is well with you over the water on the East Side!

      1. The East Side is pretty cool, as in temps! CONGRATS on the top 3 at Case Study, well done, that is a real honor!!! Your curved layer and the washi on the back -those design elements really knocked it out of the park! So your slump does not look so slumpy to me

        ….(AND GO HAWKS, an I right??!! I am not even a super FB fan, but, gotta say, my office has flags and banners up all over the place, hard not to get caught up) I digress,

        This card is ULTRA glam, lovely!

  2. Very fun! I love the stamped sequins and the real sequins (and the colours you’ve chosen!) Thanks so much for joining us at CASology this week!

    1. Thanks, Amy! One thing I always tell my students when writing is to let their piece “get cold”, then come back to it with fresh eyes and mind. When I look at my card today, there is a lot I like about it, but I would change the placement of some of those sequins to help with balance and flow and movement! Ahh, well, practice makes nearly perfect? Have a great day!

  3. So I came over to see these “horrible” photos. Um…These look fine! Pretty trendy the way you cut the angles in the cardstock actually. I think we are too hard on ourselves!

    1. LOL! Thanks, Wida! If you dive back into the archives, you may notice some less than stellar images! Camera phone– but I DID just find Picasa (late adopter!!) and it is helping. Shooting on the black wood in good light has also been working! You are right, though, and I actually just said to Kim (wienerhoneymooners) a similar comment about being too hard/modest! It’s all a learning journey! Great to have inspiration and support from you talented ladies along the way! Thanks for dropping by!!

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